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Reader Comments On “A Tale Of Two Metrics”

Reader Thoughts On “A Tale Of Two Metrics” By JC Collins George Harry Walkeär   I’m still trying to figure out whether the partially Gold backed SDR will not raise the value of Gold in the retail world, because the wholesale amounts sold behind the scenes (in tonnes) between banks is not at the same price as the retail price us plebs pay out here. Which would mean i’m lost for knowing where to hedge is such an environment. Ozymandias 3  Will ‘QE’ by the FR ever re [...]

Frank26 From KTFA: “Today’s News Was Worthy of Another Emergency CC”

Frank26:  This article and a few others from today (See Articles Below) verify what we as a TEAM have been teaching You. That the 2014 budget was approved and passed at the beginning of this year and has been used by a GOI/Parl since February. BECAUSE ………….. One can not approve and pass a 2015 Budget without the 2014 first. They tell YOU ……… WHAT and WHEN they feel YOU should know …….. Their business !!! As The UDS ……….. Enters the starters’ gate. Three things im [...]

Millionday Friday Roundtable 

Millionday Roundtable 10/31/14 Welcome to Roundtable with Millionday 10/31/14 Millionday: NOTE — THIS IS TOMORROWS AGENDA WHEN THEY SPEAK OF THAT IN THIS REPORT  Millionday: According to a statement of the Council received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of the agenda includes “swearing to members of the House of Representatives who hold government positions and replacements for those who have held a ministerial or vice-president positions.” It also includes the agenda, “a statement on [...]

Bulldog75 Thoughts from OOM&F Friday Afternoon

 OOM&F:       [.~Bulldog75] IMHO, this is probably the pre-event to the CE. And: There is no date and rate here we remind everyone. We all know that by now. [.~Bulldog75] There are so many factors occuring world wide, it would take hours to address them. [.~Bulldog75] Many factors effect our USA economy and some other factors affect our World Economy. [.~Bulldog75] The purpose here is to enlighten and for us to be aware more so of what is about to [...]

White Hats Fact Check 125.7 Reader Comments Part 4

Lloree says:  Ok everyone. I am a KC fan and am watching the World Series right now so I am closing the blog for the evening. I can’t keep up with the game and watch for the 48 hr notice at the same time so we’ll pick it up tomorrow. GO ROYALS!!!!!!! Lloree says:  Hey! I was only kidding! It’s been almost 4 hours and no posts! Hey wait a minute!!!! Did everybody get the 48 hr notice except me????? Oh Crap!! Tony did you do that? I’d better grab my Dongs and get moving! Ah wah [...]

White Hats Fact Check 125.7 Reader Comments Part 3

maxm2014 says:  Hi All. Just a quick FYI from my experience. While you cannot buy Dong from B of A they do purchase it. I compared their buy rate to my purchase price from People’s bank at todays rate and the difference was exactly 25% (fee if you will). While I also found it strange (delightfully) that while B of A does not sell Dong they do purchase it, albeit a 25% hit. My thinking is Banks do everything for a profit. So while not a seller of Dong it appears they are gearing up to pr [...]

Bits and Pieces Late Friday Morning

Dinar Updates: Quote:   “Estimate the amended exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar to be used in technical and economical feasibility studies and for (1.134) dollar per dinar. This price should be approved for 3 years until re-appreciation by the competent authorities.”   Poppy3:  THE ONLY PROBLEM WITH THAT RATE IS IT DOESNT HAVE ENOUGH VALUE FOR THE PEOPLE OF IRAQ TO GAIN CONFIDENCE IN THEIR DINAR TO STOP USING THE USD. FURTHERMORE IT IS NOT NEAR ENOUGH TO FULFILL THE BUDGET O [...]

News, Rumors, and Opinions Friday Morning

Stage3Alpha: FRIDAY INTEL UPDATE!!!   Posted by EXOGEN on October 31, 2014 at 4:06am Guesses to Exogens Picture Intel/Clues Ranger4564 > EXOGEN October 31, 2014 at 7:29am Gold and Silver free falling, Beverly predicting deflation… it’s a great time to introduce everyone to their ABC’s… Enter the Asset Backed Currencies… in with the New out with the Old… same game, different model. Vinman October 31, 2014 at 8:03am Gold and silver are free falling like a rock…or [...]

White Hats Fact Check 125.7 Reader Comments Part 2

Gazza says:  Hey Tony  Thanks for reply but sorting a long relationship obviously cannot be done with a new major bank between now and the rv.  My existing bank doesnt do dongs so i had to get new one elsewhere but of course they dont know me. Even my old bank doesnt “know” me, we are all just numbers on a database somewhere.  But I have no choice and prob not the only one on here who has had to open a new bank account. So I have my paperwork in order as much as possib [...]

Late Thursday Night Jester Chat: “The Truth About Quantitative Easing”

Jester’s Place: [Jester]  HI  AND HAPPY THURSDAY MODS, PEEPS, LURKERS, AND CRITTERS… [Jester] SINCE WE HAVE A FULL HOUSE TONIGHT MAYBE I SHOULD GET STARTED RIGHT AWAY…. [LH] Jester I see Gold and Silver down again today, and people not sure what to expect with the end of QE [Jester] LH WELL MOST PEOPLE DO NOT UNDERSTAND WHAT QE ACTUALLY EVEN IS…. SO I DON’T DOUBT IT… [LH] Jester That was just the Fed printing more money each month right [Jester] I WAS GOING TO TALK ABOUT [...]

The IQD Team Connection~~Conf Call Replay Thur Oct 30 Latest Iraq Dinar RV Govt Economy News~~Its All Good

The IQD Team Connection with Straight Talkin’ Mike, L.J., Diana, Debbie & Kim Replay of Conference Call or Call: 760-569-7699 / Pin: 769478#    What a Great Night of News & Discussion                                  “THE I.Q.D. Team Connection”             & [...]

White Hats Fact Check 125.7 Reader Comments Part 1

HKmarkets says:   Latest from, OWoN: OK Lets deal with Currency, Banking and Guru confusion. Sam Elliot is on board with the T Shirts. ] Forex is a special business. A few bucks is one thing, but in Millions it needs professional handling.  Many seem to be clutching these notes, without Banks able to handle such Forex Exchanges. So, when they approach a smaller State Bank with what appears to them to be Jungle Bunny ,paper, confusion will rule. 1.See if they have a Major Corre [...]

Millionday Thursday Night News

Millionday news 10/30/14 Welcome to for news time with Millionday! Millionday: LET ME TELL YOU THAT YOU REMEMBER THAT THEY ANNOUNCED THAT GOV PLANS ARE BEING LAUNCHED AND ALSO THAT PARLIAMENT WAS WORKING TODAY Millionday: THIS IS A MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT MADE TODAY Millionday: Metal coins from the category of 25 fils were in circulation until the nineties of the last century Nora Albjara member of the committee of economy and investment in the House of Representatives revealed [...]

KTFA Thursday Night CC with Frank26 and Delta

Notes by Bulldogford65: FRANK26 EMERGENCY IQD CONFERENCE CALL  THURSDAY, OCT 30, 2014 IQD update • Please do not call Frank with questions about what other websites are saying • Frank called this special call based on the announcement made today by the CBI • No one knows the date or rate • In the 1990’s, the KWD was an example to the IQD in this millennium • On Iraqia TV, the CBI announced the monetary reform is done and they are ready to release coins, complete with t [...]