My Ladies Chat: “Update From Greece- Defaulted Loan to IMF”

Thanks My Ladies For letting us share from your Private Chatroom todaySager: Greece hasn’t been extended, has it? PrincessDD:   Looks like they gave them until Sunday > [Tuesday, June 30, 2015 4:25:46 PM Princess DD]  Greece To Default On IMF Debt As Merkel Rules Out Fresh Negotiations Until After Referendum This is it. Sunday on the Referendum There will be no more negotiations with Greece unti […]

More From My Ladies and Friends: “AIIB, BRICS, and More Tuesday Afternoon”

PrincessDD:  Why MBIA Inc. Dropped 12% on Talk of a Puerto Rico Restructuring Shares of MBIA plunged more than 15% as investors weigh probable losses resulting from Puerto Rico’s “inevitable” restructuring. PrincessDD:  Greece may have easier road to recovery than Puerto Rico […]