Pastors Ed & Kat International Prayer Call Mon. Night 7pm ET

International Prayer Call Monday Night 7pm ET641 715 3660   406878#641 715 3659   406878#    recorded versionExciting times walking in the glory of Jesus Christ, Getting connected to a ministries anointing is awesome.  (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Seeking Jesus daily receiving daily blessings with overflow is wild, don’t know where its coming from until he delivers and then Boom Royal favor blessings grace mercy and glory straight from the throne […]

Stevel Announcement To Members With Q & A

Post From Peoples Dinar​Stevel Announcement To Members With Q & AGreetings PD followers,   Here is the future path for Peoples Dinar Forums. Over the next 72 hours you can still follow the progress. See the scope below. This will not change, do not worry. The current and working forums is use the http format:(sorry, I created the stupid rules and not can not give full format)  a/k/a will ask for a new login and […]

More News, Rumors, and Opinions Late Monday Morning 11-30-15

TNT:Mr. Myagi:  just another manic MondayRed:  Being disappointed is a natural reaction to high hopes, it is okay to be disappointed it is okay to feel the let down, that only makes the victory that much sweeter when it comesApexdinar:  honestly – anyone who thinks this has all gone, ‘as planned’ has never managed even the smallest project with more than one person involved, lol…plans change, adjust, and get scrapped all the time!Bamaltc:  IMO only one thing remains…. we […]

Wealthwatch Sunday Evening  Chat 11-29-15  

Post From Chat Room  11-29-15News With Links & Discussion​Wealthwatch Sunday Evening  Chat 11-29-15   chattels: see ” Article 140 / The Elephant At The Negotiating Table As Kurds and Iraqis Reach Oil Deal ”… chattels: See ” Barzani announces implementing Article 140 of Constitution ”……stituti […]