Thoughts From Martha Friday Evening 11-27-15

Martha:  The day isn’t over and we need the RI to be in before the 30th.The UN operational rate isn’t even done yet and people are already looking toward Jan.IMO China is giving us a gift of a lead (to exchange before public)to prevent the storming of the banks.THE RV HAS HAPPENED ALREADY actually several times since April 22,2015.We are hearing that no one is stopping this. I see some people are throwing dispersions at Bruce because we don’t have the 800# right this second.The negati […]

Keeping Iraq Together May Be A Fading Hope (Opinion)

Keeping Iraq Together May Be A Fading Hope  (OPINION)By GARY KENT Parliamentary debate about potential British airstrikes also concerns de facto partition at home and abroad. Will Labour formally split before or after the world recognises that Iraq and Syria probably cannot continue in their current form? First, David Cameron’s government must win enough MPs to agree that RAF jets fly over Syria and help crush Daesh. Cameron’s campaign of persuasion began with a detailed Commons s […]

Currency Chatter ​News & Links With Discussion 11-27-15

Post From Currency Chatter 11-27-15​News & Links With Member DiscussionBrule:  Economic parliamentary: the currency of the 50 000 dinars does not affect the value of the Iraqi dinarDirection Press / Agenciesn   Reduced member of the parliamentary Economic Committee Najiba Najib, on Friday, of the importance of the printed 50 000 dinar coin being ineffective on the value of the currency in general. Najib said in a press statement that “the printed 50 000 dinars cate […]

Tidbits From TNT Members Friday Afternoon 11-27-15

TNT:Iko Ward: If Forex remains at 1166 and sets that way for the weekend I’d say they are aligning with the CBI so a new rate can be set Sunday Night.Iko Ward :   I also believe we will RV before Sunday night. If we have not RV’d by Monday 11/30, when the IMF and the Chinese are set to announce China’s inclusion as an official reserve currency, we will see an Asian revolt and unilateral moves by Russia and China and probably a few others who are keeping a low profile to force the Dinar […]