Millionday Wednesday Night News Part 2 of 2

Millionday Newstime  May 27, 2015  Part 2 of 2WELCOME TO MILLIONDAY NEWSTIME Millionday: The statement said that the committee discussed many topics of economic affairs in question and has taken several decisions, including the approval of the granting of public sector companies the option to deposit their money and open their accounts in private banks, as well as the deposit and the distribution of its employees’ salaries by those banks.Millionday: NOTE — SALARY ACCOUNTS FOR DEB […]

Millionday Wednesday Night News Part 1 of 2

Millionday Newstime May 27, 2015  Part 1 of 2WELCOME TO MILLIONDAY NEWSTIME Millionday: I DON’T SEE A LOT OF NEWS BUT AM BRINGING ALL I HAVEMillionday: Hussein al-Tamimi Tgb achieve diversity in fiscal revenue to the state treasury goal is running the government and the private sector, which is the task of the Iraqi economy management during the next phase to activate its contribution to the GDP. Economic Member Baghdad forum Amer Jeweler pointed out that achieving diversity in th […]

Foreign Travel Advice For Iraq

Foreign Travel Advice For IraqSafety and security Local travel British government officials serving in Iraq live and work under strict security rules. All British officials live in secure, guarded accommodation and travel with close protection teams at all times. Depending on the threat level, they may be prevented from travelling to certain areas of Iraq. If you travel to areas of Iraq to which the FCO advise against all but essential travel, you should take appropriate security precautions bef […]

Millionday Wednesday Roundtable

Millionday Roundtable 5/27/15Welcome to for Roundtable with Millionday!!Millionday: Deputy Administrator of the province of Baghdad Karim Khalaf Mohammed revealed compensate about eight and forty thousand aggrieved victims of terrorism, in addition to the issuance of more than 35 000 smart card pensions, calling for changes to the laws in force and in order to serve those affected by military mistakes and processes terrorist. He said Mohammed in a special statement to the A […]

Mtn Goat: “Tribal Reconciliation Needed”  Part 2

UU5516 – “ Tribal Reconciliation Needed “  by Mnt Goat  Part 2Recent articles now are showing us the difficulty too in the reconciliation process. Iraq has been wanting the conclusion to the economic reform and high hopes in the reconciliation process was that it would have occurred already by now. But first these politicians must learn to come together and realize that are ONE NATION and behave like ONE NATION if they are ever going to succeed to their fullest potential in […]

Mtn Goat: “Tribal Reconciliation Needed” Part 1

UU5516 – “ Tribal Reconciliation Needed “  by Mnt Goat  Part 1 of 2Hello Everyone,In this news letter today I give you yet more evidence of the reluctance (thus the hold up) by the USA to allow the Iraqi currency to go back online (globally international once again).We are all looking for reasons. It seems many want to tell us it was held up again but can’t ever tell us why. They seem to tell us “why not”  intel but never give a firm reason why it is stalled. Mayb […]

Opinion: Southern Iraq Is A Safe Place

Opinion | May 27, 2015 Southern Iraq is a safe place By: Luay Al-Khatteeb Quite often when the mainstream media report on Iraq’s security, they drastically fail to differentiate between the geography impacted by the so-called Islamic State (also known as ISIS or Daesh) and the other safe regions of the country. False media alarms extend to further exaggeration in describing the various armed groups operating in southern Iraq, making it often impossible for business to be conducted whilst mislead […]