More From My Ladies and Friends: “AIIB, BRICS, and More Tuesday Afternoon”

PrincessDD:  Why MBIA Inc. Dropped 12% on Talk of a Puerto Rico Restructuring Shares of MBIA plunged more than 15% as investors weigh probable losses resulting from Puerto Rico’s “inevitable” restructuring. PrincessDD:  Greece may have easier road to recovery than Puerto Rico […]

My Ladies And Friends Tuesday Chat: “Waiting For Midnight and Greece”

Thanks My Ladies for letting us share from your Private Chatroom today. MY LADIES:  OK IT’S 5PM IN GREECE…WHAT’S HAPPENIING Sager:  Mary Greece deadline is at midnight their time, which is 5pm Eastern PrincessDD:  Tuesday 30 June 2015   Business NewsletterGreece crisis: Thousands join crowdfunding efforts to fund €1.6bn bailout Everything in t […]

Tuesday News Summaries by Aggiedad77 at KTFA

aggiedad77 » June 30th, 2015, 12:59 pm Tuesday News Summaries and CommentariesThe news is full of good information IMO…..economic recovery action, word of IMF loans, bonds both domestic and international….that has to mean a decent credit rating in the works I would think….strong work by the COM on a draft money-laundering law….turn this loose on Parliament ASAP.The central bank in connection with the inclusion of micro-enterprises with loansMore and more discussion around the small and […]